Friday, 5 April 2013

Figure 8 heart exercise little finger version

Here is the solo exercise leading with the little fingers . In this version of the exercise we circulate the energy in the opposite direction to this exercise when done leading with the thumbs.  This time we direct the energy down and out the lower centre of the body into the earth   where it can be  refreshed or  cleansed   .  Then we draw this energy up into the heart, and direct it from there up and out the crown of our head and send it out to the ' ends of the universe and beyond ' , where this energy is recharged and comes back into our hearts revitalising us.

When we do this exercise in a group we begin as above to establish the energy circuit,  once established we widen our attention to include the whole group in our circuit. This helps to expand our energy and connect us in an even stronger way to each other.

When practicing alone I like to begin with my own circuit and once it is established to expand my attention  firstly to loved ones , then to neighbours , people in my town , everyone in Ireland , Europe , the World , Then all living beings ,animals,  plants, water, finally the universe and beyond.

This is a circuit of Love and it's good to do both versions  so I'm posting the thumb version again here so you can practice both if you wish.

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