Friday, 26 April 2013

Áine's photos evoking warm memories

Here are some great views taken by  Áine one of my T'ai  Chi students.  

       On the Sea from  Newfoundland  to Stavanger in Norway

This is sunrise on the approaches to Stavanger.

I'm off to London later today ( YIPPIE ) and  Áine's great 
photos remind me of my first trip to London. 
I was eight years old at the time and my Dad's work 
 (he worked for the B&I shipping line) sometimes took
 him to London . We had a great time .  We sailed down Cork
 harbour on a night crossing.  As the Innisfallen  moved out past 
Cobh we  dined with the Captin I was in ' heaven ' when the 
radio operator showed me how to send messages.

During our stay in London we went sight seeing
 ( when he wasn't working  ).
 London Bridge, the Tower,Buckingham Palace, and to visit cousins 
who lived 16 floors up in an apartment block  (this was a shock for 
me never having seen such a high building before ).
This was Dad's final trip as he died  later that year. 
I always feel blessed that he took me with him  and  gave me
my first taste of  ' foreign ' adventure. The thrill of hearing
 different accents of new smells and sounds and the excitement 
and wonder at what might be around the next corner.

So now I'm off on another adventure to learn some more and visit 
a city that holds some of the best memories of my life so far.

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