Sunday, 21 April 2013

Open Focus & the first few lessons of the Mini Form

Open Focus includes the " how " and the " what " of attention. What this means is we become aware moment to moment of the content of our attention and also of how we are attending to our experience.  Are we tightening our muscles as we  'narrow focus ',   we often do this when trying to figure things out . We can become aware of this tension in open focus and enter into it,  this ' welcoming ' of the tension into our experience helps it to dissolve. And so when these attention skills are applied to everyday activities the optimization of one's function results.

I loved introducing people to Open Focus exercises yesterday and it was great to hear how effective they proved to be in dissolving tension and anxiety.

It is also really interesting to practice t'ai chi in open focus I feel that this aspect of the open focus  practice is especially useful as it really helps transfer the practice to daily life .
Dr Fehmi's book the Open Focus Brain is a great place to start if someone wants to get an understanding of attentional skills and how to use them in daily life. here is the link to his website .  Open Focus

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