Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Opening The Doors Of Perception Workshop on T'ai Chi and Open Focus April 20'th

The workshop will be held in Blackrock Community Centre on April 20'th  from 9.30 am - 1 30 pm
We will investigate some open focus attention exercises and then explore how this way of paying attention can enhance our T'ai Chi practice.

 Dr Fehmi of the Princeton  Biofeedback Centre developed these training exercises based on his biofeed research. Dr Fehmi  noticed that when he asked people to imagine space or silence their brains produced large amounts of alpha frequency waves in both hemispheres simultaneously.
 Alpha frequency waves are associated with meditation and deep relaxation. When the brain is in an alpha state the body relaxes  due to the production of hormones that relax the muscles.
 These attention exercises can become second nature so one can operate in daily life in a relaxed yet fully aware state and so be more present and productive without becoming stressed .

Practicing these exercises has greatly enhanced my own T'ai Chi practice.
 In T'ai Chi we work with space , the space in and around our bodies, the space between us and our partners , the space in the group, and the space where we practice.  Learning to feel these spaces greatly enhances one's ability to connect fully with the practice and to ones life.

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