Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Meditation Exercise

Sit comfortably, allow your body to relax. Take a nice deep breath in and exhale slowly allowing yourself to let go and relax even more. Become aware of the chair supporting you, relax.take your time. . . . .

Now call to mind anything that gives you a good feeling. Maybe something in your immediate environment , a picture, a pet, some memory, anything that gives you a positive experience. It doesn't need to be a big deal and it can come and go in awareness , simply the intention to have a positive experience present will activate unconscious circuitry and even if they are activated unconsciously those neurons are firing together and so they are wiring together to form new beneficial structures in your brain.

Next, now that you have a positive experience, take a moment to expand it in time and space. In other words savor it, explore its nuances, the different nice qualities of this positive experience, and also see if you can extend it in space in the sense of it filling your body. Maybe sensing that you are breathing it in and out.

Now for the third step , in your own way intend and sense that this positive experience is soaking into your brain and body, registering deeply in your emotional memory stores. Maybe feel like it is sinking into your back and chest. Perhaps sifting deeply into your mind.

Now for the fourth step. If you can get a sense of something mildly to moderately difficult or painful in your life. Perhaps an experience you had as a child.Get a sense of it even maybe where it is located in your body, and then with every breath just feel or imagine or have the idea of this new powerful positive experience sinking into, kind of soothing those inflamed and raw painful spaces in your heart. Perhaps with a sense of the new positive experience today giving that little child deep down inside you, deep down inside every person what that little child should have received, when you were young, but didn't or couldn't for whatever reasons. Giving that child today whet he or she really needed and every child deserves when you were young.

And last see if you can get a sense that you will carry forward the benefits of this new positive experience sinking into you, benefiting yourself and in various ways other people.

I know that it is really lovely to listen to this meditation and hope it works for you by reading the steps slowly and working that way, or maybe record it and play it for yourself. Enjoy, YOU deserve to feel good and happy so give YOURSELF some time.

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