Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Releasing Workshop April 23

Releasing Our Blocks To Having Harmonious Relationships.

We relate to and with everything in our lives. We have a relationship with our own body, mind and spirit, when these, internal  relationships are sound life tends to flow easily and our family,work and in fact all other relationships become harmonious.  However we hold many conscious and subconscious beliefs that keep us from experiencing this natural flow in life. When these internal relationships are difficult we tend to project these internal difficulties out into the world and our external relationships become difficult too. 
In my experience releasing on any relationship tends to improve the quality of all our relationships.
Releasing on our family relationships allows us to experience new and deeper levels of connection with those impotent people in our lives. When these relationships improve our everyday experience grows more enjoyable and fun.
Similarly we can release on our work relationships and achieve more harmony there too.
There is no end to the possibilities for releasing.
As one of my releasing friends said in a text to me earlier today ,   " RELEASING ROCKS  "   

If you would like to Release your limiting beliefs and have more Flow in your life come and join us on April 23 it promises to be a day of Fun and you will go home lighter and more open in body,mind and spirit.

 Blackrock Community Centre 
  Saturday April 23
 10am - 4pm 
 Cost €35 per person 

 To reserve a place
 Phone 087 6616800  or email

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