Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Heart Exercise For Today's Group At ARC House

Heart Coherence Exercise
Step 1: Heart Focus

Gently focus your attention on your in the area of your heart.It may help to place your hand over your heart. If your mind wanders just keep bringing your attention back to the area of your heart.

Step 2:

Heart Breathing

As you focus on the area of your heart, pretend your breath is flowing in and out through that area. This helps your mind and energy to stay focused and your respiration and hearth rhythms to synchronise. Breathe slowly and gently, until your breathing feels smooth and balanced.

Step 3:

Heart Feeling

As you continue to breathe, recall a positive feeling, a time when you ' felt good inside.' Now try
to reexperience the feeling. This could be a feeling of appreciation or care toward a special person, a pet, a place you enjoy, or an activity that was fun. Allow yourself to really' feel ' this good feeling of appreciation or care. If you can't feel anything, it's okay, just try to find a sincere attitude of appreciation or care. Once you have found a positive feeling or attitude, you can sustain it by continuing your heart focus, heart breathing, and heart feeling.

 This is a great exercise to do just before ( or even while ) falling asleep. You will be activating good heart energy and this will set a positive 'tone' for your night's rest. Having said that it is a good exercise to do at any time. I discovered this exercise a few years ago just after I had broken two fingers, I found it really helpful to practice it while waiting for doctors appointments, and while travelling by train to the city.  It has remained a firm favourite ever since. 

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