Friday, 11 September 2015

A New Understanding Of Life

Did you know that the new science of Epigenetics (  term coined by the British biologist Conrad H. Waddington in 1942 ) is transforming our understanding of how our bodies operate.

It is showing how body problems that appeared to be irreversible can be cured.

It is proving that what really counts for health boils down to these 3 factors.

What we eat, ( nutritious fresh  preferably organic food).


              What We Do ( I mean how we exercise and keeep fit).

What We Think ( whether we think loving thoughts or fearful thoughts).

These are the key factors that decide how our bodies develop and our life unfolds, before this sciene uncovered this truth we believed that 'fate ' played a much bigger part now we realise that we ourselves through our choices can make a big difference in how our body matures.
How cool is that!

 Learn more here.
Epigenetics and 5 Things That Grow Your Brain

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