Saturday, 7 June 2014

Off To Dublin To Represent The International Academy Of Consciousness At The Gateways Of The Mind

Little did I think when I was wandering around Lisbon last autumn ( after attendind the advanced 2 training at the IAC  Campus ) that I'd be representing the Academy at the Gateways Of The Mind .

It is great to have the opportunity to attend today and share the benefits of training with the IAC.
I found their training awakened me to the different levels of sleep ,dreaming and out of body states.
Before I attended their courses I had never heard of the hypnogogic state and without recognising states such as that I would never have become conscious of the posibility of inducing an Out of body experience. 

Today William Buhlman who wrote Adventures Beyond the Body, Charlie Morley and Tim Freke and a host of other leading edge writers and explorers of consciousness will speak and share their experience and wisdom.  

Attending this conference is a dream being realised.  So many Gains since the Retreat in Sedona this is just more evidence of the power of releasing.

Ps A Huge Thanks To All Who Came Along To Release Last Night What A Great time We Had !

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