Monday, 23 June 2014

Here is a great Sedona Method Tip


Next time you find yourself judging someone and disapproving of them stop, take a step back in your mind and notice how you feel.

 Now ask yourself " Could I let go of disapproving of this person ,  ( just for now) ? 

Then repeat asking yourself the question and keep letting go of that feeling of disapproval.

Now take another look inside and notice how you feel. 

How you feel towards that person. 

Next, notice how you feel towards yourself. 

You see when we disprove of anyone it doesn't feel good. 

Our true nature is loving and when we disapprove of anyone  we don't like it  we are out of line with our true nature. 

Try it,  as Lester would say,  " Take it for checking" .  

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