Saturday, 21 June 2014

Digesting A Dr Hawkins Lectur

Monetary Cypress in Coole Park

I listened to one of Dr Hawkins lectures from Transcending the Levels of Consciousness as I drove home from Galway last night.
I find him really easy to listen to , his mind is so lucid and his explanations are so clear and direct.
In this particular lecture he explained how entrainment of our minds works and how by entraining our minds we are using our 'free will '. I found his explanation a great help in understanding why entrainment is so important. I have heard this many tomes before , we are all familiar with the idea that you can know people by the company they keep , by the books they read or the music they 'choose' to listen to. These choices we make on a daily basis develop our minds and our psyches in particular ways.  In other words entrrain our brains.
Recently a friend  of mine was arguing that the brain experiment which  show that our brain signals body movements before we are conscious of  'deciding ' to move proved the whole idea of predestination. She believed that this experiment proved that free will did not exist and that our brains were 'running' us. 
Dr Hawkins insight  helped me to understand that okay the brain is 'causing' us to act in a certain way, however we can become conscious of our intentions and can take back some power by what we choose to feed our minds, by how we spend our time etc. If we want our brains to give us different commands we need to educate our brains.
Recent research on meditation and mindfulness practises show that this is not only possible but that even a few weeks of daily training can change one's brain in huge ways. 

Here is a short youtube  video an the science of how meditation changes your brain.

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