Sunday, 17 February 2013


The longer I practice and study the more I come to recognise how limiting our brain actually is.
It is becoming clear to neuroscientists that our brain is mostly used to reduce the billions of 'bits' of information picked up through our senses to the few we teach it to allow into our conscious awareness.
 This is necessary so we do not become overwhelmed by an onslaught from our senses. However this also means that we tend to live in a very narrow field of repeated experiences rarely ' allowing ' the windows of perception to open to the amazing experiences waiting to reveal themselves.

We can learn to expand our perception. To open our awareness and have a much richer life experience.
This however takes time and practice.

When one learns an art such as T'ai Chi, trains in  Reconnection  or sits in Meditation. One learns to use parts of oneself that are beyond the brain. This opens up a much expanded sense of self and this expanded awareness is very difficult to explain in language because language comes from the brain and so is too limited to comprehend or express what is experienced in these practices's .

It seems to me that when we partake in these practices's we connect with each other on a ' soul ' level . We meet there beyond our thoughts , in the deep commune of silence and wisdom . When we return to our regular consciousness we all know something profound has happened . We say that was a good session , we are often frustrated in our attempts to put into words the wordless wonder of this deep connection.

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