Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Here are the first few lessons of the mini form for my Tai Chi beginners.


If you have been keeping a gratitude list or better still a journal you will already have begun to notice a shift in  your life.  I love hearing about the changes coming about in peoples lives as they take up this practice.
Each week I hear more and more stories of how life ' seems' to  be more  ' co-operative ' once we become grateful. Now if this is true for you why not move to the next level. Once you have evidence that life is really good and  " on your side " . Start to ask for what you want. Begin with small requests for example , once  my morning gratitude journal is written and I am already in a really good mood  I often ask for a nice surprise that day.  You can also practice and build up your faith in the method be requesting perfect parking places and fun encounters in your day.
Go ahead and give it a try those of us who practice this are having lots of fun. And that is the Big Secret it Must be fun.
Wishing you a lots of fun and wonderful surprises today.

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