Thursday, 21 February 2013

I have a new beginners T'ai Chi class that started a few weeks ago . It's a mixed class in both age and gender.  The oldest lady in the class told me that she is seventy five this year.  We were chatting after the class last night and she told me of her experience during our T'ai Chi  walk.
She said that in her twenties when she was  training to  be a nurse she would often go and stand outside on the hospital veranda during the night time break.  Sometimes on very still nights she could hear the chanting of  the nuns in  nearby Poor Clare Convent . As we practised our slow silent T'ai Chi walk she re experienced the sense of peace and remembered that time in her youth when she felt drawn to the contemplative life.
Now a grandmother she has found that sense of peace and contemplation in the quiet practice of this ancient Art.

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