Saturday, 27 May 2017

Donneralie Park with Finn

We took Finn ( he was so timid and frightened when we rescued him that we decided to give him a warrior's name to reawaken his spirit Fionn Mac Cumhall Fionn also means blond so Finn felt more correct. It seems to be working as he is becoming more confident each day.

Donneraile Park is really beautiful and watching Finn explore all the new scents really enriched our walk.

We met this dog who was full of spirit and so happy  to show us her balancing trick.

Donneraile Court

The Lime trees are stunning at the moment so vibrant and alive with young leaves that seem translucent.

The park is full of wild life,

All quite relaxed in this protected space.

Even  natures own works of Art accompany us on our walk.

A perfect place to find peace and nourishment for body , mind and spirit.

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