Thursday, 1 June 2017

Harmonious Relationships

We have relationships with everything in our live, relationship with our mind, our body and our spirit (this relationship is often unconscious). The relationship we have with ourselves effects every relationship we have with the world outside.
Just think about it, when you feel good about yourself, doesn't everyone and everything appear better. Take a moment to reflect on your life notice times when everything seemed to flow effortlessly, or at least everything seemed possible you just  'knew' everything would work out. If you look deeply into those times you will notice that no matter what was happening externally you actually felt good about yourself, you had a sense of trust in your own ability and felt good inside.
When we have this, internal strength this trust and good feeling we know we can make good decisions, we know we can find true happiness and live fulfilling joyous lives.
However when we feel bad about ourselves everything takes on that 'odour' we paint the outside world with our internal state of mind.
Understanding how to Release our feelings gives us a great tool in living a happy harmonious life. Being at ease and finding our own love and joy inside we discover a happy joyous world outside.
This takes an effort, it takes an effort to look inside and clear up our limiting beliefs. It takes an effort to sit with our feelings and learn how to Release them but this effort pays us back in so many ways and with a little practise Releasing  becomes second nature. We just know how to relax in each moment and enjoy our life as it unfolds.
I will be sharing some Releasing tools at my upcoming workshop in Blackrock.

 Blackrock Community Centre 
  Saturday june 10'th
  10am - 4pm 
  Cost €40 per person 

  To reserve a place
  Phone 087 6616800  or email

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