Monday, 23 January 2017

Sunday's T'ai Chi Journey West

Sunrise as I left Mallow and already I was feeling the joy of winter beauty.

By the time I reached Castletownbere my heart was full,

Even felt welcomed by the birds,

And so happy to be here,

Postures connecting mini form and short form. from ann on Vimeo.

We worked,

Fair Lady lesson for Castletownbere from ann on Vimeo.

And worked, repeating and happily repeating postures.

Then I turned for home,

But something made me turn left near Lauragh,

 And new delights awaited me,

 Was it the light that pulled my heart?

The wonder and mystery of life ,

And these great T'ai Chi Journeys. West.
 Gratitude to be the Witness .

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