Friday, 29 July 2016

Peace In The Silence

 A daily visitor, this spot just near the bumble bee hive is the  'table'  where he breaks open snail shells to feast on the contents. He takes no notice of us as we 't'ai chi ' around him.

The bees are loving the mint flowers,

Almost as much as the lavander.

Even though it isn't a very sunny summer it is often dry and warm enough to enjoy sitting outside.
I love listening to the bees, birds, lawn mowers and the Silence in which these sounds arise and disolve.
Taking the time to notice this everpresent Silence is a balm for body and mind. I can feel it now as I write this Silence that permeates the letters and words. The Silence between these thoughts arising in my mind. Relax into this Silence Come and join me here in this Quiet space.

Give yourself the gift of Peace.

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