Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Wayfarer- Padraig Pearse

As I posted these photos,

The first lines of the Wayfarer kept running through my head.

The beaury of the world hath made me sad,
This beauty that will pass,

Amazing how poems from childhood can be awakened in one's memory through nature's beauty.

The Wayfarer
The beauty of the world hath made me sad,
This beauty that will pass;
Sometimes my heart hath shaken with great joy
To see a leaping squirrel in a tree,
Or a red lady-bird upon a stalk,
Or little rabbits in a field at evening,
Lit by a slanting sun,
Or some green hill where shadows drifted by
Some quiet hill where mountainy man hath sown
And soon would reap; near to the gate of Heaven;
Or children with bare feet upon the sands
Of some ebbed sea, or playing on the streets
Of little towns in Connacht,
Things young and happy.
And then my heart hath told me:
These will pass,
Will pass and change, will die and be no more,
Things bright and green, things young and happy;
And I have gone upon my way

                   Padraig Pearse 

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