Thursday, 4 August 2016

Always Growing And Expanding

My dear T'ai Chi friend Pat ( who is 84 years young ) has just begun writing poetry. What an inspiration to all of us to keep learning and growing.

                                        THE ATTIC
                                   In dreams, when young,
                                   I was mostly
                                   lost, frustrated;
                                   held back, too late.
                                   But sometimes,
                                   just sometimes,
                                   I wandered through a house
                                   familiar (yet not familiar)
                                   room after room,
                                   I pushed a door
                                   into an attic
                                   and leapt and leapt
                                   between floorboards and skylight,
                                   finding what was forgotten
                                   brought such pure joy.
                                   Now, in my dreams
                                   there are problems,
                                   but I am there, solving them.
                                   Is this progress?
                                                             Pat Francis

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