Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bumblebees In The Garden

I have been having a great year of bees.

The lavender in our garden has been humming all summer and today we found out why we have been so blessed with this magical hum.

A little hive in our garden 🐝😊💕❤️💗 from ann on Vimeo.

This morning John discovered this little hive in our garden. My heart is singing all day with the joy of knowing they are spending time with us. It is lovely to watch them as they pop in and out of the little crack under the path. 

"The ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolising the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community. At festivals, mead was usually drunk – the main ingredient of which is fermented honey.

 In later Christian times, monks lived in beehive-shaped huts, which represented the aim of a harmonious community – whether it included oneself and Spirit or others as well.

 Bumblebees usually have fewer individuals in their colonies and store less honey compared with the honeybee. Bumblebees are one of few insects that have the ability to control their body temperature. The queen bee and her workers can shiver their flight muscles to warm themselves in cold weather. This allows them to fly and work at lower temperatures than most other insects. They are also kept warm by their large size and hairy coat.

 The bumblebee is a highly important pollinator of many plants, they hold the power of service. When landing upon a flower to collect its nectar, pollen also attaches itself to the leg. This is then passed on to other flowers, creating a fertilisation process. Their movement from one plant to plant represents the interconnectedness of all living things. The bumblebee is a messenger bringing the secrets of life and service. "
 Love the above ideas on bees by  Ian Woolcott .

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