Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Lost and Found the Power of Letting Go

I lost my lens cover on my river walk Sunday evening. I retraced my steps but couldn't find the cover. Yesterday I tried to buy a replacement but the camera shop in the city didn't have a one to fit my lens.

I was planning a trip to a different camera shop but decided to revisit the river walk and have another look. This time I brought my specks to really check out the area where I lost it.

I searched the area thoroughly while Letting Go of of all the thoughts that were arising in my mind. Thoughts like "You should have been more 'present' and you wouldn't have lost it". Or thoughts like "this is a waste of time". 

  I just kept Releasing all these thoughts and began allowing myself to enjoy the warm evening and the beautiful light dancing on the landscape.

 Finally I was at peace and decided to head home.


 As I turned the sound of children laughing and splashing caught my attention and "pulled" me further along the path.

 Just as they came into view I spotted my lens cover sitting on a bench where some kind person had placed it. Wow wow wow was my internal response. How magical is releasing. When we reach a place of imperturbability ( couldn't care less ) anything is possible. So grateful, for the lens cover and more especially for the confirmation that Letting Go is the answer.

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