Thursday, 30 June 2016

All IS Well

Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr Mona Lisa Schulz is one of those rare people who can cross the borders of science, medicine and mysticism. With an MD, a PhD in Brain Science, practicing Neuropsychiatrist, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at University of Vermont School of Medicine and a medical intuitive for more than 25 years.
She lives between Yarmouth, Maine and Franklin, Tennessee with her four cats and assorted wildlife.
I came across Mona Lisa a few days ago when I found her endorsing Reconnective Healing and something about her just appealed to me so I decided to investigate some more.
I then discovered that she and Louise Hay (whose work I love and  admirer) had written a book together I just had to buy it ( thank God, Google or  Kindle) .
The book  All Is Well brings together Louise’s proven affirmation system with Mona Lisa’s knowledge of both medical science and the body’s intuition to create an easy-to-follow guide for health and well-being. And, for the first time ever, they present scientific evidence showing the undeniable link between the mind and body that makes these healing methods work.
I love the way Mona Lise gives the recent research to confirm that how and what we think has a huge effect on our health. I love that the book takes us through the 7 chakras exploring physical , emotional and spiritual aspects of health.
In my study and work with healing I too have come to realise that healing needs to approached on many levels.  Changing one's diet and following an exercise programme along with medication will certainly help but the emotional and spiritual aspects of one's illness need to be addressed in order to be healed.
Here is a link to a really interesting interview with Mona Lisa.
Heal Your Body w/Medicine, Affirmations & Intuition | Dr. Mona Lisa Shulz | Medical Intuitive

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