Sunday, 5 June 2016

T'ai Chi In Fitzgerald's Park

What a sight when we arrived in the Park yesterday, there must have been a thousand people practising Yoga. It was such a fabulous sight and such an inspiration to our own practise.
Growing up in Cork I couldn't have imagined this sight. I remember buying my first book on Yoga and feeling very exotic as I attempted the postures.

Today, while shopping i my local supermarket  I saw a young boy standing in the tree pose ( just like the one in this photo) and  thought how far we have come since I grew up.

Now people practising T'ai Chi, Yoga, Running, Dancing etc are all common to see.
I remember how people would stop to look at us when we first began 'Taiching' in the Park.
Now people even ask to join in. What a great change, and with this lovely weather I am really looking forward to a fun summer of outdoor T'ai Chi.

We will be in the Park on Tuesday Evenings Beginner's Class starts at 6:45on the Playground side of the Pond.
Looking Forward to seeing You there.

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