Saturday, 27 February 2016

A Short Visit To East Cork Awakens Warm Memories

 Balleycotton Light House brings back childhood memories of summer holidays 'caravaning' in Garryvoe. I still remember the first time that my feet stayed up automatically and I swam. That first
 swimming experience flowered into years of summer adventures on the surface and in the depths. Writing and remembering now brings back so many wonderful swimming trips. The most amazing one was when I encountered wild dolphins. This happened in the Red Sea a few years ago. I was swimming with a group off the coast of Egypt and a pod of wild Dolphins swam below us. They were so graceful and serene I was completely captivated. Then three of them came right up to me and swam around me. When I turned to the left they turned with me,  and when I turned back to the right they did too. We played for a while together they would turn and I'd follow or I'd turn and they would follow. We often made eye contact my mind had stopped and we 'danced' in a quiet connection that I will never forget. Then the pod moved off and my 'friends' left too, but that encounter still warms my heart as I relate my story to you here.

As I walked along the beach earlier today I had no idea that writing this post would reawaken my dolphin encounter. 

 Life can be so interesting when we allow our minds to just flow.

The river was high, almost in flood as we passed through Midleton.

On this winter afternoon, and the summers of long ago and my first swim in Garryvoe were nowhere in my conscious mind. Isn't it so interesting how memories can surface and nourish our hearts.
 I hope that my memory can reawaken some happy memory in you too. 

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