Friday, 1 August 2014

Simple Mindfulness Exercise from Ellen Langer

I'm currently reading Ellen Langer's book Counterclockwise . I wrote about her research on how acting younger can reverse changes in hearing, sight , muscle tone etc in last weeks post Epigenetics and Un -Aging the body.
Here below is a link to a fascinating talk she gave some months ago an her research into mindfulness and how a simple change such as, paying attention to new things can improve our bodies and minds , or as she would point out our 'bodymind'. Noticing six new things about people we already ' know' can awaken us to aspects of then we hadn't noticed and renew our interest and curiosity about them,  thus refreshing  our relationship. Similar changes can happen with all aspects of our lives once we open our minds to noticing new things every day.

   Link Ellen Langer

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