Sunday, 17 August 2014

Releasing On The Go

I have been studying the mind and healing for as long as I can remember, always searching for meaning and understanding.
 I have tried positive thinking , affirmations, and many other methods to come to terms with life's challenges.
Letting Go or Releasing appeals to me more than any other method I have learned. I now regard Releasing as T'ai Chi for my mind. Just like T'ai Chi Releasing leaves me feeling lighter and brighter. I can practice it on the go ,  whenever I find myself resisting the present moment I can ask myself  " What is here now ?" and allow myself to notice the sensations in my body, the thoughts and emotions that are present in that moment and just in the allowing them to be fully here seems to bring relief.
This 'practice ' has been a great help to me in these last few weeks since John  (my husband) broke his foot. His incapacitation has meant that I'm walking Susie twice daily and this has brought up lots of feelings of resistance in me. Su is getting very old now( fourteen and a half years ) so she moves along at her own pace, her main interest is in smelling. Her slow pace forces me to slow down so instead of the brisk walk we used to have, our walks now are more of a stroll and I am being made aware of my desire to speed up to ' get somewhere'.
Years of reading and study and training  have taught me that everything has a purpose , there are no accidents, life is always giving me opportunities to awaken, knowing this and knowing how to release has allowed me to stop resisting these walks and to embrace the daily opportunity to release my agendas and let go. And to be honest each time we go out I get a new chance to do just that and go deeper into the present moment.

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