Sunday, 24 August 2014

                            Love is always Loving you.

                            Without this Love you cannot breathe,

                            as without air you cannot live.

                            Love is Meditation, Meditation is Love.

                            Heart has no frontiers;

                            Meditate on This.

                            You are this Love, You are That.

                            Simply be Quiet and stay as such.

We don't experience that 'Love is Always loving us ' because we get caught up in the 'world' of wanting. Wanting to feel approval, safety, control etc. When we let go of the wanting our mind 'stops ' and we can experience the Love that is ever present. This Love is always Loving us but we fail to notice it when our attention is on something else. Becoming conscious of this Love inside is not difficult, it is just a case of Letting Go in the moment and noticing what is here just beyond our  thinking mind, Recognising that our minds will never be satisfied , can never be satisfied helps us to let go of thinking that fulfilment, peace or love can be found in our minds. These experiential states are 'outside' or beyond our minds, so the only way to experience them is to learn to pay attention to the 'Quiet ' beyond mind.
Words do not convey this experience however they do point us and remind us that it is possible to notice and become more conscious of our true nature.
Releasing moment to moment is a great tool. Lester Levenson gave us a simple yet [profound method to recognising our true nature which is beyond our thinking , beyond our mind.
I am so grateful to him for his method and also to his teachers Hale Dwoskin and Larry Crane for their sharing of this work. A big thanks to all who came along on Friday evening and shared so deeply in our exploration of Letting Go.
 Looking forward to going even deeper and deeper  .   .   .   .        .


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