Sunday, 27 July 2014

Positive Emotions And Fun Heal Our Bodies And Our Minds

Research at the University of North Carolina showed that increased positive emotion (such as joy and compassion ) helped regulate the bodies nervous system., and in Japan researchers found that when baby rats were tickled for five minutes a day for five days in a row to stimulate positive emotion , the rats' brains grew new connections and the rats became more intelligent. Norman Cousins famously discovered the power of laughter when he used it to cure himself of paralysis and a life threatening disease. He found that ten minutes of good belly laughter eased his pain for up to two hours.
There is a huge body of growing evidence that positive emotions help us in many ways.
Experiencing emotions such as gratitude , excitement , joy, enthusiasm , awe , fascination, wonder , trust, appreciation , kindness and compassion give us an advantage in maximising our health.
These emotions not only add to our health they increase our energy and zest for life.
So the all important question.  How to have these emotions more often ?
I say practice Yes practice. Make a list Right Now of the last time you experienced these emotions and make a decision to remember the emotions and even doing that will awaken you to more of these emotions. It will awaken you to opportunities to experience awe daily , to experience kindness daily , to experience love daily. It will awaken you to  making these experiences your daily diet and not just emotions that occur by chance.
I have just done this exercise myself and can feel the shift in my energy, can feel my enthusiasm is high and I can't wait to post this so you can share in these [positive emotions.

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