Saturday, 19 July 2014

Eyeries Visit

Here is the Cumasu Bus where today's workshops took place.

The bus expands out into a quite large space really handy to allow events like today's to be brought to people living in places far and wide.

We had a great turnout for the Introduction to the Sedona Method. I just hope I did the method justice in the 2 hours we spent exploring some of the principals of Releasing.
Here is the link to the Letting Go Movie where you can explore some more.

 Click Here for the movie Letting Go Movie

And here is the link to The Special Release Process a great tool for working on relationship issues.

CLICK Here for the  Special Release Process

I really hope that you find this method of letting go helps to free you from limiting beliefs that hold you back from allowing your true radiant self to shine.  I also hope it helps you to enjoy life more , enjoy your relationships , your work and your play to the full.

More on my trip West Tomorrow

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