Thursday, 29 May 2014

' Remembering ' Our True Nature

                                   Love is always Loving you.

                               Without this Love you cannot breathe,

                                   as without air you cannot live.

                              Love is Meditation, Meditation is Love.

                                    Heart has no frontiers;

                                       Meditate on This.

                             You are this Love, You are That.

                             Simply be Quiet and stay as such.


  Our True Nature Our Lovingness is always present.

Mostly our attention is away from this nature and so we suffer.

As soon as we Stop and pay full attention to what is here right now
 we begin to notice that our True Shinning Nature is here and was
 here all along it is just that we were looking away.

This recognition of Our True Nature is the purpose of our life,
this is our homecoming.

To recognise this is the treasure beyond price.

All the great teachers point us towards that truth but it is only we
 ourselves who can turn our attention inward. They show us the
 invitation, we somehow by Grace recognise that invitation to
 come home.

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