Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Short Trip To Sandycove

In Sandycove today for a family gathering.

Childhood memories came floding back as we walked along the seafront.

Jo, my daughter was catching up on her contacts

While I took in the view.

It was lovely to see people diving in to the sea , this was a favourite spot to swim when I holidayed here as a child. Such fond memories of kindness from Aunt Una and Uncle Tom. They were so generous in their welcome and in the space that they afforded me, I could come and go to the seafront at any time, no questions asked just a sense of trust. I was very gregarious at that time and remember U.Tom telling my mother he met more neighbours in the time I stayed than in all the years they had lived there. That was the summer after Dad had died I was ten years old and full of adventure.

Seems like I wasn't the only one tired after my day out as everyone seemed to be sleeping on the train home from Dublin.

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