Monday, 12 May 2014

Eveningtime Around The Airport Loop

It was late ( around 6 pm ) when I began the 3.3 mile Airport loop. I probably wouldn't have begun it but these two men were visible a short distance ahead. 

Such a lovely time of day

With the colours deepening.

Then one of the men stopped walking and turned to ask me if I Knew the trail.
I laughed and said I was ' following them '. He didn't find it that funny .  I said I felt we were about half way and  that I had borrowed a torch in case it got dark. His turn to laugh.  They decided to keep going (much relief).

The sun set shortly after we passed the airport.  The two men kept a friendly but aware distance ahead. Whenever I was dropping far behind (due to photo taking),they would stop and as soon as I came in sight move on again. When they reached the road home they waited for me and  this time we all laughed about the timing of our walk.   We had all set out thinking that someone knew the path.  

It was really getting quite dark by then and these two kind Texan's dropped me to the footpath at the bottom of the hill so I could make my way home safely.

 Reaching town iin the dark my heart was full of gratitude for the coincidence of our meeting. 

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