Friday, 4 January 2013

July a magical time

It is so interesting to read this post from July and to realize that, that was just the beginning .
What a fascinating time it has been since my Reconnection it just seems to get more and more interesting.

Today John ( a friend's son studying film) made film of the Short Form with all the lessons can't wait to see how it looks. Am hoping it will be clear and good. Hopefully it will be easier to follow as we will all the sound later rather than having me give the instructions while practicing the Form .

I came home from Barcelona and the ' Reconnection ' workshops late last night.
I feel different my house looks  different to me.  It's a good different.
 This morning while chatting with John I suddenly became aware of how beautiful the colours in the room  looked in the morning light.
 Some students came around for Tai Chi lessons and they seemed different to me also.  It was as if another part of me was watching us work and knew how to make  adjustments to the form so it would flow more smoothly.  I have the sense of being the observer of the day moving by.  It even feels strange to me to  be writing like this now , it usually takes me ages to process my experiences and then I write from a more detached or distant ' space '. Here I am spilling out today's experience while it is still ongoing. Why am I doing this, maybe because the reconnection  feels real to me. I do feel reconnected I want to tell you about it.  I want everybody to know that it is possible to feel amazing and new, reborn to the beauty in every aspect of one's life.

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