Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Hall of One Thousand Mirrors

Here is a little parable about mirroring I came across and really liked.

Somewhere in a land far away, there was a temple that housed a hall of one thousand mirrors.
One day it so happened that a dog strayed into the hall  Suddenly confronted with  one thousand of his mirror images, he growled and barked at these presumed enemies. These, however returned his growling
and teeth flashing a thousand times over.The dog in turn got even more aggressive ,and as the situation got more and more heated, the dog got more and more out of control, and finally reached such an extreme state of aggression that he dropped dead.
Some time passed and along came another dog who  got lost in the temple and arrived at  the hall  of a thousand mirrors. This dog too, saw that he was surrounded by a thousand of his own kind. He then started to wag his tail with joy at these other dogs and , in return one thousand dogs happily wagged their tails back at him. Happy and encouraged the dog found a way out of the temple.

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