Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Video Lessons for this weeks classes are below the text.

"What we pay attention to in our lives  grows " !  I have found this to be true.
Lester Levenson says " If you are spending time ' figuring out your problems ' you are just planning to have them again. " It took me a while ( maybe even a year or two ) to fully understand this statement. Now I can see that it is just another  way of saying,  " What we pay attention to in our lives grows. "

 But don't take my word for this try it out in your own life.
 Begin by writing a gratitude list every day , start to pay more attention to all the aspects of your life that are working for you.
 If you are reading this you are one of us lucky people who can read and have access to a computer .
 How lucky are we to have had the opportunity to learn these skills. How lucky are that someone provides us with electricity so our computers ,  laptops etc work.
 Reflect just for a few moments now on all that you have around you , take the time to notice and appreciate your surroundings. Be specific , say Thanks for your favourite coffee cup , the scarf you love,  the look of love in your pet's eyes, all  those things in your life that make your day.
 I have found that by reflecting on them and writing them down I'm more aware of them during the day  ( paying attention to what is working for me) and since I have been doing this I seem to be getting more and more of what works in all aspects of my life. It's as if appreciation is a fertilizer that allows more good to grow.


Attention preparation beginning . The first posture of the Short Form .

Front and rear views of our lesson for Monday night's class.

Happy practice !

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