Friday, 7 December 2012


Resonance is the response of a body to vibrations of it's own natural frequency.
Bridges have collapsed when soldiers marching in step across them
 caused the bridge to vibrate at it's own natural frequency.
Resonance is also the reason a glass shatters when a singer holds a note
at the natural frequency of the glass.
Those examples are on the ' down ' side of resonance.
On the ' up ' side there is the recorded evidence of the positive effects
of meditation  ( when we meditate we vibrate at a particular frequency).
Studies carried out when large groups ( thousands) gathered to meditate,
show that crime rates and hospital admissions dropped dramatically in
 those cities while the groups meditated.
Can You Imagine what would happen if 1 Billion of us meditate on Om
simultaneously ? I am so excited by the possibilities for us and our planet
when we decide to combine our positive intentions to raise our vibrations
to Love.

Here is the link to Sadhaury Jaggi Vasudev  page on the Om meditation.  
 1 Billion Oms
We here are planning to join with him think about it . This amazing
opportunity to really do something wonderful for our whole planet.

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