Thursday, 27 December 2012

Candles and Changes

       When I was growing up candles were for birthday cakes, church
        ceremonies, and for the window, to be lighting there on Christmas
        Eve and the following days to show that the holy family  " Mary ,
        Joseph, and baby Jesus " were welcome in the house.
        Nobody would think of lighting a candle to create an atmosphere
       or to enhance a space .
       I think that  the change in our attitude to candles is also reflected
       in our new approach to spirituality. Again when I was growing up,
       nobody I knew spoke about meditation,  this was something
       reserved for monks, nuns and yogis in India. It certainly wasn't
       available to the general public. It was tor a privileged few.
       How lucky are we to live in this age when knowledge which
       was secret for so long has become available to us all.  No
       longer do we need to take vows or travel to Tibet we can learn
       and practice just where we are.
       This I think must be one of the greatest advances of our lifetime.
       The opportunity to learn about and to train one's consciousness.


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