Friday, 28 December 2012


My brother  ( a catholic priest who lives in Fiji ) is home with us for Christmas and brought me  He AND I.
I love some of the 'dialogues' .

" November 27- Holy hour.
I was returning from a tea at the home of Count S

" Now forget the world and look at Me. I was pleased that you spoke
of the prisoners and their fruitful solitude that brought them nearer to
God. Did you notice how the conversation remained at a higher level
right to the end ? In this you were My instrument. Be so again, often.
 You see , I have few instruments on the earth. . .  Ask the spirit to
 guide your mind . Don't talk out of yourself, but out of Me. Speak
in My place.
My little girl , do you know when you speak like Me ?
When you put goodness and charm in your words. When you
touch hearts. When you give a gracious answer to an acid remark.
When you give excuses for someone. When you serve. When you
give. When you calm an angry person. When you comfort. When
you keep an even temper in all circumstances. When you remain
 humble without seeking to shine. When you are grateful for the
kindness of others. When you are generous . Who was more
 generous than I ? All this is yours. You are part of My mystical
body. "

Gabrielle Bossis (1874-1950) was a Catholic Mystic and layperson who lived in France in the 20th century.
On very rare occasions in her early life, Gabrielle had been surprised by a Mysterious Voice, which she heard and felt with awe, and sometimes anxious questionings, which she perceived to be the Voice of Christ. It was only at the age of 62, however, that this touching dialogue with the "Inner Voice" began in earnest, continuing (at least in her notes) until two weeks before her death on June 9, 1950.

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