Sunday, 18 November 2012

The journey is a simple one. It requires a certain vision of its importance, a certain humility to begin, and a certain fidelity and courage to persevere - the willingness above all, to be led into fullness. These are all essentially  human qualities , the qualities needed for any fruitful contact with life, and the journey is an ordinary one. We don't follow it to sensationalise life but to see life  - every  aspect of it as well as its inner harmony and direction -as the mystery it is. The greatest  danger and temptation is to complicate. As far as I can see ,if we are actually on the journey - if the poverty of the mantra  (practice ) is the rich core of our lives - then we grow more and more simple.  Increasingly  we see the utter simplicity of the call  Jesus (  life ) addresses uniquely to each of us , to leave all things and self behind and follow him into the infinite freedom of his union with the  Father .
From,  John Main's  Silence and Stillness in every Season

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