Saturday, 10 November 2012

A gift from Crainosacral

Yesterday I received a craniosacral treatment, it was a gift , a thank you.

I had been looking forward to having the treatment all week so much
 so that I lay awake the night before full of excitement about the next
 day's adventure.

 As soon as Elma put her hands close to my feet I could feel the bubbly 
excited energy and she said " There is a lot of giddy energy here. "

 So I told her about my sleeplessness and excitement as  my energy
 calmed down beneath her touch.

 As the treatment progressed warm childhood
 memories flooded back into myawareness. There was the feeling of
 running in the woods  leaves rustling under foot.
 " Who is running  " she asked .
 "It's a small child having fun " I said.  " Who is the child "
 Elma asked . " Me , It's me looking out through those eyes. " 

Then , I was snuggled up on the kitchen settle next to
 my Grandfather, I could feel the heat from his body could smell his pipe,
could feel the texture of his jacket, tears came, soft and warm ,tears of love
and joy. Many more long forgotten memories were relived and a huge sense 
of the joy and fun of my early childhood was returned to my awareness.

What a gift and a blessing I am filled with gratitude.

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