Monday, 12 November 2012

Celebrate good times !

facts about tai chi
I had been reflecting on how good my life feels at the moment .
Amongst other wonderful connections and reconnections I
noticed that my blog had reached  20,000 page views. Then this
 award arrived by email yesterday. So I feel it is time to celebrate
 this amazing year of reconnection.

I wonder at the series of  ' coincidences ' that have been happening
over the months since Elsa Reconnected me. And of the ' coincidences '
happening in the lives of my clients.  People whose writing block or
fears of  failing have dissolved or reduced to the point that they can
face the work and enjoy it and build their confidence  to face bigger
fears and live more fully.

It seems to me that Reconnection occurs on a very ' high ' frequency.
This frequency is higher than the body vibration , and even
  though its effects may be felt in the body  one doesn't need to feel
them for the frequencies to do their work. It may even be that
because the frequencies are at a higher vibration they often bring about
physical healing.

The work of these frequencies is to bring  light and intelligence to
this planet. To raise the vibration of everybody so we can all live
the free loving life we were born to experience.

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