Thursday, 27 October 2011

Relax for a few minutes and feel the space around your body.

Feel the space above, below, in front, behind
and at the sides of your body. . . .

Relax even more and allow yourself to feel the presence
of your fingers. . . . .

The three dimensional presence of your fingers. . . .

Slow down and notice how your fingers feel. . . .

Now imagine what it would be like to feel the space between
your fingers . . . . .

Imagine what it would be like to feel the space between your
hands . . . . . .

Imagine feeling the space between your hands and the sides
of your body . . . . .

Relax, Relax , Relax into the feeling of space . . .

Notice how you feel when you have spent a few moments
focusing your attention on space or 'nothingness'.

According to Dr Fehmi (of Open Focus) when we pay attention
to space ,emptiness or silence the mind tends to relax.

I'm sure you will have noticed this while even reading the
exercise above.
These types of open focus exercises are of
great benefit to everybody who wants to learn to relax.

They are especially beneficial to those of us who also
practice tai chi.
The relaxed awareness of the spaces in and around
ones body awakens one to the aliveness of the spaces we
create and work with while practicing our tai chi.

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