Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Here again are the first two lessons of the introductory form for beginners, I'm delighted to be sharing tai chi with you.

Introductory Lessons 1 & 2 from Heartworker on Vimeo.

Letting go can feel counterinuitive. the mind tells us that we need to hold on, and brace ourselves in order to be 'ready' for the world.

We tend to spend most of our time in alert mode, until we teach ourselves to relax and let go.

If you are anything like me you too need to practice letting go regularly (all the time !), need to remind yourself to soften your face and jaw, to take big deep slow breaths . . . and let them out even slower.

Notice the internal change as you relax, notice that actually you are more aware and alert having relaxed than in 'alert mode'. It is very good to notice this consciously and confirm for yourself how true it is. This conscious noticing helps teach your subconscious mind that it really is safe to stay relaxed.

Deep down we all have a three year old inside who needs to be reassured. Who needs
a cuddle and lots of love . Spend some time with your three year old. Teach the three year old that it is safe to relax. You will be amazed by the change this can make in your life.

Have a wonderful relaxing day.

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