Thursday, 8 July 2010

This is my favourite road to run (mostly jog) along. I love it's quietness rarely do I meet anybody apart from the occasional farmer or local resident. The only interruption in my solitude was a loud belligerent black cocker who would bark loudly and chase me snapping at my ankles.

This really annoyed me, I used to get angry (sometimes even bark back ). As I'd approach his house the anger frustration and fear would mount, I took to leaving a stick on the ditch just bellow his place that I used to defend myself passing his place and collect it from the a similar ditch on my return. Lots of 'shoulds ' would run through my head "people should keep their dogs in","it's not fair I should be able to run without this hassle " etc.

On my return home one day, I was complaining to John (my husband) about this dog and he advised me to walk past this house, he told me that 'cross' dogs are aggravated by runners that the actual running makes them worse. So I took this on board and began to walk past his place, I also paid more attention to my thoughts and began to practice letting go of whatever negative feelings were arising as I approached this place. Then one day I noticed that I had forgotten the stick. The dog was still barking but nothing like before. As my anger and fear eased he seemed to ease too.

These days when I jog past he barely pays any attention. Sometimes he gives a low growl or a few halfhearted barks. It is said that when the inside changes the outside responds. I wonder if he has just become accustomed to me and can't be bothered with me any more or is it (as I prefer to think ) that I actually changed his behaviour by Yielding.

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