Saturday, 3 July 2010

It is said that " With our thoughts we create the world "I am realizing the truth of this more and more. The other day I spent some time with a friend whose whole conversation revolved around how misunderstood and hard done by she was. She seemed to completely believe her story, listening to her I wanted to ask, Is it true ? Can you be absolutely sure that it is true ? and do a Byron Katie enquiry on the beliefs, but there was no opening. And so I listened as she convinced herself more and more of her story reinforcing it with each retelling.
Last night I had a dream about releasing feelings and it was on awakening this morning that I made the connection about how we create our world when we believe our thoughts and feelings. Byron Katie's Work and Lester Levenson's Releasing technique are both great tools to free us from believing completely in our version of reality and thus opening us up to whole new worlds.
In the past few years I have been exploring these methods along with T'ai Chi and Open Focus training. I find that they are all complimentary, sometimes practicing T'ai Chi brings clarity and peace. At other times just releasing and letting go of the feelings brings clarity. When releasing is not enough and the thoughts keep coming back and hounding me, then it is time for a Byron Katie worksheet (can be found on her website 'The'). And Open Focus will relax me into open space where at times problems dissolve themselves.
Reading the above it might seem like my life is full of problems, but funnily enough having these practices has made my life easier and more fun.

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