Sunday, 25 July 2010

Becoming aware of space relaxes the body. Feeling the space around my body, the space in front , behind , above , below and at the sides of my body relaxes me. It is also relaxing to pay attention to the space around my body or the spaces in my body for example feeling the space in the joints of my fingers ,wrists, elbows etc. I can also pay attention to the space between my thoughts, my breaths, or to the sounds around me and to the space and the silence in which these sounds arise. With practice I can widen my attention to be aware of all these spaces simultaneously. This is what Dr Fehmi calls attention training, his Open Focus exercises teach us how to pay attention to how we attend in life. I find that the more I practice these exercises the richer my life feels. It seems astonishing to me now that these spaces were always there, i doubt I would have found them without Dr.Fehmi.

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