Tuesday, 5 January 2010

T'ai Chi in Open Focus

T'ai Chi in Open Focus was a great success. I gather from the feedback that people enjoyed the workshop and found Open Focus really enhanced their T'ai Chi experience.
So I am planning to include some more formal open focus aspects to our training sessions for this term. It was great to see complete beginners effortlessly part taking in the "Form".


magssteele said...

I loved this workshop! I had never done any t'ai chi before, so I thought I might feel embarrassed or intimidated, but the whole group was just so helpful and welcoming that it was a lovely experience. As a beginner, I found the open focus part of the day great. Afterwards, I found it much easier to "stick" to someone and follow along with form, instead of getting distracted by worrying about whether my hands or feet were doing the right thing!

Ann McIlraith said...

Thanks Mags that is exactly the positive effect I experience with open focus. It is great to know that others are feeling the benefits too.