Friday, 15 January 2010

Standing Still

Sometimes ( just like yesterday )I find it very difficult to stand still at the end of the form. It is as if my whole body resists it and urges me to move on. These are the best times to sink even more.
When I do remain still and allow myself to feel whatever is going on, it is usually worth the effort. Often it is an anxiety, some sense of unease which my mind is trying to distract me from. Sometimes as I stand it becomes clear, my mind is saying you are not getting "it" right. Insecurities abound , if I allow all these feelings to arise and listen openly and feel them one by one they will often dissolve in the open space of awareness. Occasionly however, they will remain all day or even longer, then one needs patience to trust the allowing, knowing that some stuff is very old and needs lots of love before it is ready to leave.

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