Thursday, 21 January 2010

Jacques Lusseyran became blind at eight, here he describes how he sensed a tabletop.

"To find out, my fingers had to bear down, and the amazing thing is that the pressure was answered by the table at once.
Being blind I thought I should have to go out to meet things, but I found that they came to me instead....I didn't know if I was touching the ( an apple ) or it was touching me. As I became part of the apple, the apple became part of me .... everything was an exchange of pressures.... I spent hours leaning against objects and letting them lean against me.

Reading this really warmed my heart, he explains the joy of T'ai Chi sticking ... so beautifully.

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magssteele said...

This description really appeals to me too! It reminds me of why I love phenomenology, because it understands experience as being more like an interaction between mind and world, rather than one being active and the other passive. Thanks for sharing this! :)